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I’m sure that every angular cheilitis’s sufferer would want to have their painful and ugly cracked corners of mouth treated is swiftly. The most typical yet ineffective means recommended by medical professionals is to apply 1% hydro cortisone lotion on your cracked mouth. When you use it to the edges of the mouth, you have to pay special attention not to consume it unknowingly.


It’s been found that fungus germs, the microorganisms that induce broken edges of the mouth could not live without wetness. Thus, through removal of moisture, you will be free of the fungus germs which create the horrible, red, crusty divides in the edges of the mouth.

Having talk about the causes, now it’s time to peek into the SOLUTIONS!

  1. Go for meals that are abundant in minerals and vitamins, fresh and vibrant. Healthy and balanced diet should include fresh fruits, veggies and grains, while undesirable carbohydrates food includes white flour and polished sweets. Foods which are rich in monounsaturated fats, such as olive oil and avocados, are needed for healthy skin growth.
  2. Include supplements such as multivitamin pill or riboflavin B-2 to your diet plan. Riboflavin assists to safeguard  cells for air damages and sustains tissue growth. An obvious indication of lacking riboflavin is the growth of fractured skin at the mouth’s edges.
  3. Make use of some cooling lotion on your lips and at the edges of your mouth. Lip balm that make from  tea plant oil, jojoba oil, or coconut oil are extremely useful in addressing cracked mouth.
  4. Try making use of honey and petroleum jelly. Firstly, apply honey to the cracked comers using  a cotton swab. After 30 seconds, drip another cotton swab in petroleum jelly and use it on top of the honey coating for another 30 min.
  5. Some habits tend to worsen your cracked mouth condition. Refrain from biting your fingernails, licking your lips or consuming oily meals. Keep in mind that moisture, especially saliva, can easily aggravate any cracks.

As you had learnt from above, there are numerous ways to have your irritating angular cheilitis treated. Depending on what’s causing your cracked mouth flare up, treatment options can vary. Why have yourself tolerate by that horrible pain whenever you make simple actions such as eating, drinking or even smiling? You can have the cracked mouth treated within 48 hours from HERE!

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