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Anyone who is suffering from cracked mouth would certainly like to have it cured swiftly. This is mainly because of the embarrassment that it brought upon (ugly scar that appears visibly on your mouth) and not forgetting the irritating discomfort that comes with it.


I have been a victim of this horrible skin disorder before and share the feeling that any angular cheilitis sufferers going through. Trying desperately to have my cracked mouth treated, I had tired all sorts of special remedies to have it cured. I would say some works (but only for short term), some don’t really improve my condition and of course, there would be some that really helps in healing my cracked corners mouth.

I would like to attest that the remedies listed below do work for me but as the triggering causes for cracked mouth differs for each patient; it might not really works for you. Having say that, there is surely no harm giving them a try 🙂

1. Increase your intake of vitamin supplements to deal with angular cheilitis. You can either purchase some vitamin B12 supplements or if you prefer all natural stuff, go for foods (eg, milk, egg, cheese etc) that are rich in this vitamin.

2. Refrain from engaging some “activities” that could possibly aggregate your cracked mouth condition. Many folks had regarded angular cheilitis as a condition of dry skin, thus they often using various lip moisturizers to keep their cracked mouth “wet”. This in fact is going to make the condition worse. Moisture furnishes a favorable environment for candida fungi to thrive, leading to angular cheilitis development. Thus always avoid applying saliva and moisturizers to your cracked mouth.

3. Apply petroleum jelly to your inflamed cracked mouth. Using petroleum jelly is a preferred choice as it is gentler on your inflamed cells and act as an excellent protection shield for the pores and skin without having the typical agitation brought on by various skin creams products.

4. Make sure that you consume adequate plain drinking water each day. Sufficient water in your body will ensure that your pores and skin is replenished and continues to be well balanced and healthy.

5. Alter your diet to include fresh leafy green vegetables, tomatoes, celery, green spinach, and fresh fruits. These foodstuffs will assist to enhance your body’s defense mechanisms and quicken the recovery progress for your cracked corners mouth.

I hope that you would find the above remedies useful in addressing your angular cheilitis distress. In fact, you can have it CURED with 48 hours from the natural remedies listed HERE!

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