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If you start having this – delicate sores or inflammation that appears at one or both corners of your mouth, beware that you could be having a skin disorder known as angular cheilitis. It brings you much discomfort since you need to use mouth (conversation and consuming foods) daily.

It usually starts with dryness, chapping and eventually, red sores. In severe cases, bleeding might even occur. Fortunately, cracked corners mouth can be treated swiftly with the right natural remedies without any side effects, aiding you to put a stop to the pain and discomfort caused by angular cheilitis.


What are the WAYS to cure cracked corners mouth naturally?

1. Pure Honey. Do you know that honey, besides adding taste to food; it also works well in fighting any micro bacteria infection, such as the germs that attacks your cracked mouth. Apply a thin layer of honey on the angular cheilitis and leave it coated for at least 15 minutes before cleaning it off. Repeat this treatment 3 times daily and your cracked mouth should heal swiftly.

2. Natural Aloe Vera. This is of no doubt a natural remedy that had been in used for century in healing any skin infection aliment. You could make use of easily available aloe vera gel or pre make it using natural aloe vera plant. Trim off the flesh from aloe vera leaf and keep them frozen. Defrost them before the treatment. Rub the flesh on the cracked mouth for a few minutes and let it dry up. Repeat this 3 cycles for each treatment. You will feel the instant pain relief that this treatment offers.

3. Water. Our body needs adequate water to maintain hydrated. Make sure waterthat you consume at least 8 glasses of plain water daily. This will certainly help to combat against any chapped and dry lips flare up, which ultimately can develop angular cheilitis.

4. Olive Oil. This oil is usually readily available in most households and is one of the best remedies for addressing cracked corners of mouth. Apply a thin coating of the oil over the inflamed cracked mouth and leave it covered for 10 minutes before cleaning it off. Repeat this 3 times daily.

5. Lip Balms and Moisturizers. Unscented and unflavored lip balms such as petroleum jelly or virgin coconut oil are an excellent natural therapy for angular cheilitis. Do make sure that you read the labels on the products and ensure that they did not include any chemical compounds in it. Apply them to the cracked mouth possibly in the daytime and right before bedtime.

I’m sure that you will hope to have your cracked corners mouth swiftly cured and get back your normal lifestyle (eat, drink and speak with ease). In fact, this is attainable as angular cheilitis can be TREATED within few hours using the natural remedies right from HERE!

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