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Mouth, one of our most commonly used and sensitive organs, is extremely prone to various health conditions. When our mouth starts giving us “problem” in a way of cracking around the corners of mouth, it tends to bring along much discomfort and pain since we need to use it daily.


Cracked corners of mouth are often referred to as Angular Chelitis, Perleche or Angular Stomatitis in medical terms. This condition occur when your lips or corners mouth become swollen and inflamed. Usually the cracks will initially come with small pain. But if this is left untreated, it will swiftly turn into big lesions or cracking and splitting in the corners of the mouth.

Some prevalent factors that may be known to trigger cracked corners of mouth include touching your sensitive lips with stained hands, drooling, chewing on foreign objects, anxiety, disease, throwing up as well as weakened immunity health system.

Micro bacteria breed extremely well in wet and warm conditions. The cracked corners mouth typically gives a perfect environment for fungus to thrive leading to Angular Chelitis. Thus to have this skin condition addressed, you will need to have this main cause tackled.

What are the natural treatments for cracked corners of mouth?

1. Apply pure coconut oil, tea tree oil, or yogurt to the cracked mouth. Many Angular Chelitis sufferers have found this remedy to be effective in offering pain relief from the cracked corners of mouth.

2. Vitamin B Complex and vitamin B12 are required to maintain and improve your overall immunity health. Strong immune system will help toward fighting off the bacteria that can bring about Chelitis. You can easily boost up these vitamins through supplements.

3. Avoid hot or acidic beverages. When these drinks come into contact with your inflamed skin at the corners of your mouth, it can do more harm to your damaged skin tissues.

4. Plain Water consumption.  It had been proven that when our body gets dehydrated as a result of inadequate fluid intake, your skin will start to dry up and cracks, especially around the corners of our mouth. Cold or hot climatic conditions can make your skin dry up swiftly. Thus make sure that you consume adequate plain water daily (at least 8 glasses of water) to keep your lips moisture.

5. Use of natural products such as Aloe Vera and Vitamin E Oil to heal cracked mouth naturally. Simply apply aloe vera gel on your inflamed mouth corners regularly and you should feel the comfort it offers. Vitamin E oil functions as an excellent moisturizer and applying it several times a day can help wipe out dryness linked with lips.

There you are, I have covered some simple yet effective natural remedies that you can easily adopt to have your cracked mouths treated. It is not at all impossible to have the painful Angular Chelitis healed within just 48 hours through the natural remedies HERE!

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