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Are you suffering from this condition (cracked lips in corner of mouth), that’s bizarre reddish cracks that appears right on your corners of mouth. Beside the ugly sight that it reflected on your handsome or beautiful face, it also bring along much discomfort the moment you tried to open your mouth.


This skin disorder, often known as angular cheilitis, is in fact an infection caused by leech-like fungi or lack of vitamin B12 in the body. This disorder is pretty common among the elderly but it can strike individuals of any age when they have insufficiency in vitamin B12 or riboflavin. When you are having angular cheilitis, skin lesions will start appearing on your lips and edges of the mouth.

Whilst most medical professionals will certainly recommend some topical anti-fungal cream or antibiotic to address your painful condition, these remedies often fall short to permanently clear your angular cheilitis. They certainly help to improve the cracking mouth condition but will not avoid it from reoccurring again.

You need “something” that could cure your cracked corners mouth swiftly and persistently.

How can this be done?

A more effective approach to have your angular cheilitis cured is to have a look into the root cause and prevent against the infection from reoccurring. As to which remedies work best for you certainly depend on what’s triggering the infection from occurring.

Following are some natural healing remedies that are commonly adopted to heal cracked corners mouth. Look for the ones that help to address your angular cheilitis triggering causes.

1. Opt for a diet plan that is rich in vitamin B12 and iron. These nutrients will certainly reinforce your immune system and aid to combat off the fungus and microorganisms that cause angular cheilitis.

2. Avoid dry skin. Keep your mouth and lip moisturized through the use of an unflavored lip balm or lotion. Refrain from licking your cracked mouth as saliva will aggravate the infection, as it is acidic.

3. Avoid acidic meals or drinks. Citrus fruits, acidic and spicy foods as well as beverages can exacerbate the angular cheilitis condition and deter the healing progress.

4. Use of olive oil. Apply olive oil or vitamin E oil on your cracked corner mouth will certainly ease the irritation and help to keep your mouth moisturized.

5. Pure natural honey. If you had that (honey) in your fridge, it’s time to put ithoney to use. Simply apply a thin coating of the honey on your angular cheilitis overnight and wash it off the next morning. Honey has antibacterial properties that can effectively eliminated fungus and promotes healing.

As you had learnt, there are lots of treatments for angular cheilitis. All you have to do is to correctly choose the ones that work well for you. Of course, these treatments will certainly takes times to have your cracked mouth eliminated. If you need instant healing remedies, have a look over HERE to have your angular cheilitis treated within 12 hours.

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