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Are you having this unsightly condition appearing right around your mouth? It often appears as dark, red crusty blisters or sores in the corner of the mouth and can possibly occur in one or both corners of the mouth. In some severe cases, that painful cracks in the corners of the mouth could even bleed when you just simply open your mouth.


This skin condition is often known as angular cheilitis or angular stomatitis and is usually related to bacteria or micro germs breeding within the cracked skins. When your saliva starts to build up within the cracked corners of mouth as a result of bad seal of your lips, wearing of braces, uncomfortable dentures, or even the possibility of persistent licking of your dry lips, this can cause the flare up of angular cheilitis. Some less prevalent factors include having an allergic skin that is sensitive to lipstick, face cream, vitamin or iron deficiency.

Since any excess saliva around the cracks in the skin provide a fertile environment for the growing of yeast, making the cracked corners of the mouth even more inflamed, it is essential to have this issue addressed in order to heal angular cheilitis.

How To Treat Cracked Lips In Corner Of Mouth

There are numerous ways to have your cracked lips in corners of mouth treated. Relying on what’s causing the flare up of your angular cheilitis, treatment remedies can differ.

1. Drinking adequate plain water. This sounds simple and easy right? But most of us in fact do not drink enough water each day. Doctors had always recommend that we ought to consume at least 8 glasses of water daily, preferably plain water. Thus to avoid your lips from chapping and having to lick it with saliva, make sure that you keep the lips hydrated.

2. Avoid prolong exposure to hash weather as that can easily dry up your lips and causing chapping. Make use of hydrating lip balm or sun block to safe guard your lips against any hot, dry wind and bright sun.

3. Steer clear of any citrus fruits. Fruits such as orange, lime and lemon could possibly slow down the healing of any chapped lips since the juice can sting your inflamed skins making the condition even more flaking

4. Did your body having adequate vitamins B, iron or essential fatty acids. Any insufficiencies in these can trigger the flare up of cracked lips in corners of mouth. You can easily get this multivitamin and mineral supplement right from any pharmaceutical stores.

Having that ugly cracks appearing in your lips can be embarrassing and painful. These cracks can be exacerbated by simple activities such as eating, speaking and even smiling. Fortunately, it is not at all difficult to have it treated. In fact, you can have it eliminated swiftly within 48 hours from the natural remedies listed HERE!

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