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I share with your feeling on just how that ugly sore or cracked around the mouth can influence the way we picture ourselves to the public. It also bring along that endless irritating discomfort around your cracked mouth that interferes with all your mouth “activities” – eating and talking. The ugly redness and openness of the sores can often make you wish to hide your face underneath a scarf.

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If the condition is left unattended, there will be chances that it can grow into a much more serious cases, including bleeding from the cracked mouth. And since this (angular cheilitis) is considered a rather prevalent condition, there ought to be some remedies or treatment solution readily available to cure them and end your suffering?

Following are the 5 secret techniques that had help me to say goodbye to my angular cheilitis nightmare!

1. Look into your dieting habit. Do you have a well balanced diet plan? It is truly important to follow a healthy, balanced diet regime to shield yourself from any illness and disorders. More often, lacks of vitamin B usually lead to angular cheilitis flare up. Go for more green leafy vegetables, grain cereals, cauliflower and dairy products items to make up the vitamin B intake.

2. Do you lick your cracked mouth because it’s dry? It’s natural for people to lick their lips once they end up being dry. However, if you are suffering from angular cheilitis, this action will worsen your condition because the saliva contains lots of bacteria. This microorganism is then embedded to the cracked mouth making the skin more painful and irritated.

3. Make use of oil jelly or lip balm. Apply them to the edge of your cracked mouth if the splits are open and not scabbed. Petroleum will provide fast relief from the niggling pain caused by angular cheilitis.

4. Do you like milk? Do you know that just a glass of milk daily can assist in eliminating the germs and reduce your risk on getting cracked mouth. Beside milk, natural yogurt, which includes enzymes, is also a good choice in treating angular cheilitis.

5. Observe and practice mouth hygiene. As angular cheilitis is typically caused by a kind of fungus or a bacterial infection, proper and adequate mouth hygiene will prevent you from being the next victim. If you are wearing dentures, clean them using bleach or vinegar solutions daily.

I hope that you will find the above information useful and help in addressing your angular cheilitis distress. It’s quite tolerating to have cracked mouth “sticking” with you as all our daily activities will certainly need the use of our mouth.

Fortunately, it’s not at all difficult to have it CURED and in fact, it’s possible to have it eliminated within 48 hours from the remedies listed HERE!

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