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A gentle smile would certainly bring the bright start of a day. But, if your smile is costing you tons of pain, are you going to live with it? Those cracks on the side of mouth are not simply dry skin. It is in fact a disorder commonly known as angular cheilitis.


Angular cheilitis is often identified as skin cracks, open sores or blisters that occurs at one or both corners of your mouth. Discomfort, swelling and pain are the words commonly used by its victims to described the conditions. If left untreated, severe angular cheilitis can trigger permanent scarring at the corner of the mouth.

Fortunately, you can DO something to avoid the disorder from getting out of control and had it eliminated naturally.

Honey is widely used by many chinese physicians in battling germs and fungi occurred in skin. Do not underestimated how this sweet compound can help to heal your cracking mouth. Simply apply a thin layer of pure honey on your split corners mouth and leave it on for 15 minutes before washing it off using warm water, Carry out this treatment 3 times daily for a week and you would observe significant improvement in your condition.


Fresh cucumber slices. Buy some cucumber and keep them in your fridge. You would find them handy when you desperately need some instant relief from the pain caused by your cracking mouth. What you need to do is gently rub the cucumber slices on your splits corners mouth for about 10 minutes. This will offer swifty discomfort relief. You may carry out this treatment as often as needed.

Tea tree oil is often viewed as one of an effective home remedy for angular cheilitis as it contains lots of antifungal properties. You could either blend tea tree oil with one 1 tsp of olive oil or almond oil and apply the mixture over the cracked corners of mouth during each night before sleep.

Your cracking mouth will certainly going to recover quicker if you take vitamin B12, C and Zinc. These vitamins are essential in helping your body building up immune system and maintain good skin growth.


This sounds easy, regularly cleaning your splits corners mouth with antibacterial soap and warm water. This will aid to eliminate the bacteria present in your cracking mouth and dry your injuries.

Our lips are used constantly throughout the day, for talking, kissing, facial expressions and of course, enjoying our yummy meals. Do not ignore the mild inflammation on your cracking mouth as it can deteriorate rapidly without treatment. Visit HERE to have your angular cheilitis cured in just 24 hours.

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