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Are you experiencing the following symptoms right now on your mouth?

– Dry, chapped red sores appearing on one or both sides of your mouth

– Pain that comes along whenever you open and close your mouth

– Bleeding might appear on the sides of your mouth if your condition is severe

carcked mouth

These are signs of skin disorder prevalent known as angular cheilitis. If you had either of the above symptoms, you ought to start taking action promptly to have them healed before the condition gets worsen. After all, our mouth does play an important role in our day-to-day social events, and we used it as well to enjoy our tasty meals.

Fortunately, cracked corners of mouth can be CURED swiftly with the right remedies that is not going to cost you a bomb…

Can I have that painful Angular Cheilitis cured swiftly?

I’m sure that you will be keen to know if this can be done without having to visit doctor for treatment. (Doctor’s treatment wouldn’t be cheap for sure). Cracked mouth in fact can be treated speedily right from your home using some natural ingredients that you had in your household. Let’s get to know them now…

1. Aloe Vera – This natural plant has an amazing healing effect on dry and inflamed skin. It does not merely help to moisturize the skin but also aid in healing the “dead” skin cells. You could make use of ready available aloe vera gel from the stores or D.I.Y fresh pulp from aloe vera plant to address your split corners of the mouth.

2. Plain Petroleum Jelly – This works great in providing instant pain relief from the discomfort caused by the cracked corners mouth. Apply some petroleum jelly onto your palm and gently rub it on your inflamed corners of mouth. Leave the jelly coated on your cracked mouth for at least an hour. For best effect, perform this treatment right before you sleep.

3. Olive Oil – This is another alternative that you can opt for. Rather than olive oilbuying those costly lip balms to heal angular cheilitis , you could possibly make use of oil. That’s right, the virgin olive oil that present in your kitchen can help to treat cracked mouth. Olive oil not merely just softens the cracked corners mouth but also prevent them from drying out.

4. Cucumber Juice – Do you have cucumbers in your fridge? You just need to cut the cucumber into slices or extract them into juices. Apply fresh cucumber juices to your cracked mouth or rub a fresh slice of cucumber on the split lip corners to soothe the discomfort and heal the condition.

When left without treatment, angular cheilitis can easily manifest into semi-permanent scars that can look like a dark patch of skin in the corner of the mouth. Thus, you ought to have it treated swiftly using the natural remedies listed HERE!

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