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Every angular cheilitis patient hopes to have his or her cracked lip corners cured swiftly. This is certainly not going to be an easy task if you have not adopted the RIGHT remedies to address your cracked corners mouth aliment.

You see, there ought to be some conditions or factors that leads to your angular cheilitis flare up. It is essential that you should comprehend precisely what has really led to your cracked mouth situation.


Many of us incorrectly think that fractures in the corner of the mouth are simply the end result of over dry skin that could have worsen in the course of absence of medication. In actual fact, this is typically a skin condition induced by some fungal microorganisms that is naturally found on your skin. This condition is typically clinically referred to as angular cheilitis.

In normal circumstances, this microorganisms is normally substantially undamaging. However, when these microorganisms started to grow to a state whereby it is uncontrollable, this set the growing of cracked corners of mouth. Though cracked mouth is not going to cause you any life-threatening situation, it is certainly going to “rob” you from the pleasure in enjoying your meals and beverage. Even routine communication could be a challenge as any movement in your mouth could end up being torturously excruciating.

Following are some ways that you can do to help fighting off your cracked mouth

1. Ensure that your skin, especially your lips is hydrated. Make use of a humidifier whenever possible if your environment are extreme cold and dry. Your lips could be experiencing a lack of moisture. Hydrate the air around you to fight the dryness. Consume adequate water daily. Water is often an excellent, natural means to hydrate your skin.

2. Do you know that vitamin B and C are essential to the growth of healthy skin and lips? Go for fresh fruits and green vegetables in your daily meals to supplement these needed vitamins. This is not going to be a fast healing remedy, but works as a long-term solution to ward off dry, fractured lips.

3. Make use of bacteria-fighting honey. Excess microorganisms can trigger your cracked mouth if your lips are continuously chapped and fracturing at the corners of your mouth. Honey is an all-natural anti-bacterial ingredient that you can safely used to cure your dry lips.

Your mouth is certainly a delicate area and the cracking on the corners of mouth is definitely one of the conditions that will make your way of life horribly upsetting.

Whilst you may endure and survive with the agonizing crack in the delicate skin along the corners of your mouth, there are definitely some pointers that you can easily adopt to heal your cracked lips back in your home.

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