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If you are having that painful dry cracked corners of mouth that does seem to go away and at times, it may also lead to bleeding, please read on as this article will solve your troubling problem.


How dry cracked corners of mouth comes about?

Before I start sharing how to go about addressing dry cracked corners of mouth, I feel that it is important to touch on what’s causing this annoying cracked mouth to flare up. After all, an effective treatment is to have the triggering factors eliminated right?

1. Any excessive saliva traps within corners of mouth can easily lead to the development of angular cheilitis. Saliva offers an ideal environment for the breeding of micro fungal bacteria that cause skin cracks. Folks that have poorly fitting dentures tend to get cracked corners mouth regularly.

2. Insufficiencies of vitamin B-12 and of vitamin B-9. Inadequate in B12 can deteriorate the body immune system and make it more vulnerable to numerous sorts of infections.

3. Allergies to lipstick or toothpaste can likewise cause angular cheilitis. Some lipstickmay have sensitive skin that had negative reaction to products that are applied to the mouth. For this instances, when they stop using them, the cracked mouth will self healed.


1. Alter your diet plan. That’s look simple enough right? Go for foods rich in vitamin B-12 and of vitamin B-9, which include dairy items, grains, leafy green veggies, eggs, beans as well as lean meats.

2. Avoid doing this ACTION – licking your dry corners mouth. Licking dry mouth may offer temporary relief but it will eventually worsen the skin condition as saliva contains micro germs that could promote the growth of angular cheilitis. Make use of petroleum jelly (which can be easily purchased from grocery stores) to the dry mouth to address the dryness.

3. Natural treatment – Pure coconut or tea tree oil have been proven to work effectively in healing any dry skin conditions. Natural yogurt, preferably unflavored types work best in treating cracked mouth.

4. Natural pure honey. Do you have it at home? Do you know that honey is honeynot merely good in adding taste to your drinks; it works well in addressing any dry cracked mouth as well. The anti-bacterial that comes with honey can help to heal any inflammation. It also works as a moisturizing cream, preventing any skin cracks from forming.

If you experience any burning sensation, inflammation, ulcer, itching or reddened skin around your corner mouth, it is a sign of angular cheilitis distress. This anguishing condition can last for numerous months if untreated. The ugly sight of the reddened skin around the mouth often causes awkwardness for the sufferers.

WHY do you allow this to interfere your daily life when you can have it easily TREATED within just 48 hours from the natural remedies listed HERE!

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