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Cracked corners of mouth are not an incurable skin disorder but you need some TIPS on how to have it healed swiftly and safely. Is it definitely not going to be a pleasant social experience having that ugly, reddish cracks appearing in your mouth 🙁

Cracked mouth is usually a sign of your mouth or lips getting dry, inflamed and chapped. In severe cases, the cracks could even start bleeding when you attempt to open your mouth, causing much discomfort.


In many instances, cracked mouth corners are triggered by dry or cold climate, sunburn, wind exposure or persistent licking of your lips. Certain health conditions such as the acute rhinitis, dehydration and dietary insufficiencies could likewise result in split mouth corners.

Fortunately, there are WAYS to have your painful angular cheilitis healed without paying that costly medical treatment.

Heal Crack In The Corner Of Your Mouth

1. Petroleum jelly. Easily available in all pharmacies, this natural remedy works well in “locking” the wetness your lips and is specifically beneficial for healing any cracked mouth. Go for only pure petroleum jelly to moisturize your lips and split corners mouth.

2. Olive oil. Do you have it at home? Olive oils help to keep your lips and mouth hydrated and prevents any cracks from forming. It also aids to maintain your mouth nourished. Simply apply a thin layer of olive oil on your cracked mouth right before sleep and your angular cheilitis should start healing a week later.

3. Honey. Pure natural honey possess antibacterial characteristic and had anhoney amazing effect in healing any skin inflammation caused by bacterial infection. It also helps in preserving the moisture in your skin, preventing any skin cracks. Apply the honey on your cracked corners 2 times daily to enjoy its beneficial effect.

4. Aloe Vera. One of the most highly sought natural remedies to heal skin inflammation. You could use natural aloe vera plant or make use of the ready make aloe vera gel right from the stores. Aloe vera provides instant pain relief from the cracked mouth corners and can be used as often as required.

5. Fresh cucumber. You properly had used it in your cooking. Now it’s time to use it on your split mouth. Gently rub a piece of fresh cucumber on your cracked mouth corners and it will help to relieve the pain caused by angular cheilitis.

When your corners of mouth start cracking, it brings along immerse inconvenience on your routine life since most of your daily activities (conversation, eating, drinking) involve the use of mouth.

Fortunately you do NOT have to tolerate the discomfort or social awkwardness caused by cracked mouth as it CAN be healed within just 24 hours right from HERE!

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