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If you start having cracked mouth, especially around the mouth corners, you are likely experiencing a skin disorder known as angular cheilitis. This is of no doubt an irritating and agonizing disorder that could bring not merely discomfort BUT embarrassment to any sufferers as well.

Though this health condition is not at all life threatening or infectious, it could yet be rather annoying. Typical symptoms of this disorder include dark red crusty sores in the edge of the mouth. This could happen in one or both edges of the mouth. In some serious instances, the cracks around the corners of the mouth might just bleed whenever you start opening your mouth.


The cracks in the edges of your mouth could last for as long as a couple of months if left unattended. Thus if you hope to end your suffering, it is vital that you start having it treated.

Most of the time, angular cheilitis is triggered by fungal or bacterial infection. Having say that, some other factors include:

1. Chapped lips.

2. Iron or zinc deficiencies.

3. Sensitive to lipstick or toothpaste.

4. Overexposure to heat or dryness

5. Poor diet regime

6. Unsuitable dentures

Having touch on the causes, let’s go to the MAIN points – remedies to have cracked mouth CURED

1. Go for healthy meals that are rich in vitamins and minerals. Healthy and balanced diet should comprise fresh fruits, veggies, whole grains and oats. Foods such as olive oil and avocados, which are naturally rich in monounsaturated fats, are essential for “making” healthy and balanced skin.

2. Apply protective ointment on your lips and at the edges of your mouth. Lip balm make from jojoba oil or coconut oil works well in protecting your lip and mouth. Use them in the morning and night times daily to get optimize result.

3. Keep the cracked mouth, particularly the cracked corners, dry and clean. Avoid nibbling your nails, licking your lips or consuming oily meals. Any kind of moisture, such as saliva, can easily aggravate the cracked mouth condition.

4. Use natural pure honey on any cracked corners mouth or chapped lips. Apply bit of pure natural honey using cotton swab on your cracks in the edges of the mouth. Keep your mouth “closed” for a minute to allow the honey to” eat” into the inflamed skin.

Having learnt about some home remedies that you can easily adopt from home to have your angular cheilitis treated, it’s time for you to take ACTION. In fact, it is not at all difficult to have cracked mouth permanently eliminated within 48 hours using the natural remedies listed HERE!

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