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If you are suffering from cracks in corner of mouth, the good new is that this is definitely not an infectious condition. However, with the ugly sight that it bring along on your mouth and the immerse pain that it carries, this can be a rather annoying disorder.

Common symptoms of this cracked mouth include dark, red, painful, crusty blisters or sores in the corner of the mouth. This can occur in one or both corners of the mouth. In some severe cases, the cracks in the corners of the mouth may bleed when you open your mouth. Angular cheilitis can last around several months or even years if left unattended. When treated effectively, they might vanish within a week.

Can home remedies be used to CURE cracks in corner of mouth?

Yes and sure it does. Home remedies had been used for centuries in addressing angular cheilitis and it produces pretty amazing effect in combating cracked mouth. Following are some remedies that work well in healing my angular cheilitis.

1. Petroleum jelly will help to lock the wetness in the lips and is especially Petroleum jellyhelpful for any cracked mouth disorder. Having said that, there is some balms that can exacerbate dry lips and cause more problem. So choose carefully and go for only pure petroleum jelly for hydrating.

2. Olive oil is an amazing natural remedy for hydrating any dry lips and avoids the forming of cracks. It also keeps lips soft and nourished.

3. Do you have fresh cucumber at home? Slice them into thin pieces and rubbing them on the cracked mouth can easily ease the discomfort and pain associated with it.

4. Use of pure honey. If the crack in the corners of the mouth is triggered by bacterial infection, the antibacterial properties in honey can help to heal the inflammation. It can likewise prevent lips from hydrating.

5. Aloe vera is an astonishing natural plant that can provide instant relief from any discomfort caused by dry lips and cracked mouth. Since this is a natural plant, you can apply the gel extracted from the plant as often as required.

Having that ugly cracked in corners of mouth can be as awkward as it is bothering. The cracks can be easily intensified by routine activities such as eating, drinking or even smiling. Fortunately this skin disorder can be easily eliminated with the help from the natural remedies listed HERE!

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