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As you may have aware, MOUTH, which is one of our most sensitive organs of the body, is highly vulnerable to a variety of wellness conditions. When it is inflamed, cracks in the corners of the mouth will appear, bring along much pain and discomfort. This oral discomfort is widely known as angular cheilitis.

What’s lead to the flare up of cracked corners mouth?

1. Weather condition – Too Cold, Too Hot, Too Dry?
2. Allergy to certain skin products such as lipstick or lip balm
3. Poor dental fitting
4. Dehydration
5. Vitamin insufficiency, mainly vitamin B
6. Frequent licking or biting of the lips

What’s the TRICK to heal Angular Cheilitis naturally?

The trick to taking care of Angular Cheilitis is to nip it in the bud as quickly as it begins. Do not procrastinate and allow the condition to deteriorate.

Following are 4 suggestions for handling cracked mouth, which can do the job in eliminating the oral discomfort effectively.

1. Natural Pure Honey. If you enjoy taking honey, this is of no doubt a natural remedy that would surely meet your need. This sweet and natural stuff works well in battling the microorganisms that’s triggering the cracked mouth. Just apply a thin layer of honey to the cracked corners of mouth and leave it coated for 15 mins in each treatment.

2. Natural Aloe Vera Plant. Peel off aloe vera flesh from the leaf and keep it aloe verarefrigerated. During each treatment, take it from the fridge and gently rub the aloe vera flesh around the cracked corners of the mouth. Rub it for 2 minutes and let it dry for 15 minutes before rinsing. This will aid in offering pain relief and healing effect.

3. Natural cocoa butter is an effective skin moisturizer. It does not merely help in preventing the flare up of chapped lips but also assists in healing angular cheilitis. Apply a small quantity of cocoa butter on the afflicted spot. Leave it on an hour. This will restore the moisture to the cracked mouth corners and heal the swelling.

4. Vitamin E oil. Rubbing of vitamin E oil on your cracked corners mouth can offer instant relief from the irritation caused by angular cheilitis and also aid in keeping the lips moisturized. Avoid any acidic foods and drinks such as citrus fruits or beverages as they can likewise worsen the irritation.

Angular cheilitis can easily take a toll on your general health and the quality of your life. Do not let it be a concern for you. Make use of the above remedies to say bye-bye to this irritatingly painful and aggravating skin problem permanently. In fact, it is possible to have cracked mouth healed within 48 hours through the use of the natural remedies from HERE!

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