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Are you having painful and ugly cracks or inflammatory lesions around the corners of your mouth. This is a condition clinically referred to as angular cheilitis. Deep fractures, shallow ulcers, or crusts formed on your mouth as a result of angular cheilitis can be a really displeasing sight, influencing the physical appearance of a person.


Of course, you would certainly hope that your cracked mouth will heal by itself. However, it can take just about anywhere from a few weeks to various months for your body to remedy itself and at times, a mild infection can turn into severe angular cheilitis.

One action that you ought to avoid is to continuously lick your lips or cracked corners of mouth as they will often feel dry due to the flare up of angular cheilitis. Saliva could possibly leave the inflamed mouth becoming contaminated.

How do you cure angular cheilitis?

To have your angular cheilitis well managed, you will need to address the root of the disorder. Angular Cheilitis present as a result of the breed of bacterial in your inflamed skin. So, your treatment should concentrated on drying them out. Once all the fungal germs had been cleared, your body would be able to heal the mouth lesions in one to two days..

Include a few drops of lemon juice to olive oil and apply the mixture to your split corners of mouth. Do this every night and you will see the benefit in a week time.


Use of fresh cucumber slices on your cracking mouth is a quick and effective way to get swift pain relief from the discomfort caused by Angular Cheilitis. Keep the cucumber refrigerated and take them out only when you are going for the treatment. The cooling effect offers by the cold cucumber will certainly take you by surprise.

Lip Balms and Moisturizers such as virgin coconut oil or petroleum jelly are the best natural treatments for angular cheilitis. But, bear in mind that these balms and moisturizers ought to be odorless and unflavored along with devoid of any chemical substances.

Sea dehydrates the cell membrane of germs that causes angular cheilitis, thereby eliminating the bacteria and heal your split corners mouth. This can be a painful treatment but it can surely cure your cracking mouth in a few days. Apply the salt on your lesions and wash it off after 10 minutes. You may carry out this treatment as often as required.

Having a cut or sore in any moving part of your body makes it difficult to recover. This can be particularly unpleasant and intensified if it happens on the corner of your mouth. The unsightly appearance of the red lesions that comes with agonising pain make it tough for any facial movement that included your lips and mouth. Fortunately, you can have a choice to end this suffering in just 24 hours right from HERE!

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