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Split corners of mouth, also known as Angular Cheilitis, is a typical condition that affects countless people. Although this skin disorder is not transmittable, it can turn out to be extremely bothersome and unsightly.


Typical symptoms of Angular Cheilitis include red unpleasant crusty blisters or sores around the corner of the mouth. This can possibly take place in one or both corners of the mouth. In more severe cases, the splits in the corners of the mouth may bleed when you simply open your mouth. Ulcers and crust may likewise form in the corners mouth as well.

Fractures in the corners of your mouth can last for few months up to a year if left neglected. When treated appropriately, they may vanish within a week.

How do you treat angular cheilitis?

The flare up of cracked corners mouth is the outcome of the breeding of candida species. You saliva which contains enzymes can trigger Angular Cheilitis when is started to get “trap” in your corner mouth. In rare cases would this disorder caused by an allergic skin reaction to lipstick or face cream, or too vigorous dental flossing.

However, it had been medically proven that nutritional deficiencies in Vitamin-B or Vitamin-D can lead to Angular Cheilitis distress. Methodical condition of the body, especially for those with anorexia nervosa, is another factor. Certain prescription drugs can also result in cracking mouth as a side effect.

vitamin B

Fortunately, you can make use of the following natural remedies to do away with your split corners mouth. Natural remedies eliminates the microorganism present in your cracked corners of mouth by drying them out without dehydrating your skin.

Lip balms and ointments which contain vitamin E, as well as shea butter had an amazing effect in relieving the painful fractures and sores present on your mouth. If you do not have any lip balm, petroleum jelly could likewise do the job.

Honey can have an effective healing impact on your Angular Cheilitis. Smear a dab of honey on your cracked lips before bed and let your skin absorb it over the night. Yogurt which contains live active cultures, such as Lactobacillus acidophilus, works well in combating any skin inflammation as well. Just need to apply some plain yogurt to the cracked location and wash it off the next morning.


If you are suffering from cracks in corner of mouth, the ugly sight that it bring along on your mouth and the immerse pain that it carries can be a rather irritating disorder. This can easily affect your regular activities such as consuming, drinking or even starting a conversation.

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