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Cracks in corner of mouth are rather painful and the pain could possibly intensify whenever the victim tries opening and closing his mouth. The sides of the mouth tend to appear as swollen and red. The presence of this ugly cracks makes it hard for the sufferers to attend any events or celebrations.


Fortunately these cracks can be easily treated with natural home remedies that could offer immediate relief. Having said that, it is important to attend on cracked mouth in preliminary stage as any delay in treatment can bring about unpleasant, puffy cracks in corners mouth. In severe cases, it could even lead to bleeding.

There are many natural WAYS to heal and smoothen your dry, red cracked mouth.

1. Castrol oil with petroleum jelly

This treatment works extremely well in healing dry cracked corner mouth. If your mouth has actually been cracking for months, you must try this remedy. Apply Castrol oil on your chapped, swollen cracked mouth and coat it with a thin layer of petroleum jelly. Do this daily for a week and you will find the cracks start healing.

2. Glycerin to heal cracked mouth

Glycerin helps to improve the moisture level of your skin. It is considered as one of the very best natural humectants that ease dry skin by sealing in the needed moisture. By placing a few drops of glycerin on your cracked corner mouth, the cracked skin will gradually restore its natural smoothness. Use it daily before the bedtime and it will fix the damage cells and accelerate the healing.

3. Fresh milk cream to maintain moisture in the edge of the mouth.

This is definitely not a new natural home remedy. In fact, it had been widely adopted by many folks to make their lip and mouth smooth and soft. Milk cream and unsalted butter work well in furnishing the required wetness of the skin. You can apply fresh cream to your cracked mouth daily to assist the healing.

4. Honey to heal the cracked corners of mouth

Apply a few drops of natural honey on any cracked corners of mouth with the aid of your finger. Honey possesses natural anti bacterial that are valuable in addressing any cracked and chapped skin. Make sure you apply honey before going to bed and wash it off the next morning.

As you have learnt, it is not at all difficult to have your cracked mouth treated using from home using some natural remedies. In fact, it is POSSIBLE to have angular cheilitis CURED within 48 hours using the natural remedies right from HERE!

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