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Are you suffering from angular cheilitis and had tried numerous products and drug treatments however with little or no success? If you are, this article will certainly reveal to you my story, particularly how I won my battle with this dreadful mouth infection.


Infections are one of the key reasons how you would be affected with lesions and cracked on corners of mouth. In the case of Angular Cheilitis infection, you would observe that it would materialize on your corner of mouth and lips.

How to dry out angular cheilitis fast?

The sores caused by Angular Cheilitis can end up being dry, crack and bleed so it is a good idea to keep them hydrated at all time. Petroleum jelly and virgin coconut oil which makes use of natural plants that does not come with any harmful chemicals or ingredients, are good choice of natural lip balms and moisturizers.

Fresh juice extracted from neem leaves had an amazing healing effect on inflamed skin disorder. Apply the juice on the affected area to combat that infection causing microorganisms to end your suffering.


Follow a rich diet strategy by eating rich green veggies, carrots, spinach, tomatoes, legumes and other dietary products. As you are aware of, angular cheilitis is primarily caused by an absence of vitamins and other necessary nutrients in your body. These foods will certainly help to cover the shortage of such nutrients in your body, assisting you to heal your cracked mouth quicker.

Old folks that had put on dentures as well as those with a bad dentition are more likely to be the target of angular cheilitis. This is because their mouth no longer closes well and several folds are made around the lips. When these folds are filled with moisture such as sweat and saliva, the corners of mouth ends up being red, inflamed and ultimately starts to crack. In order to avoid that, it is recommended that you ask your dentist to alter your denture when you feel it is not fitting well. Likewise, keeping a good oral health can reduce your risk on Angular Cheilitis as there will be no more germs around and inside your mouth.

Coconut oil is a good moisturizer, which helps in preventing the flare up of microorganisms causing angular cheilitis infection. Applying it over the inflamed cracking mouth, 3 times a day. This will aid to cure the painful sores on the corners of the mouth and prevent them from recurring.


Olive oil is yet another exceptional well known moisturizer and often used as a natural home treatment to cure angular cheilitis. It is commonly used to treat different skin conditions. Apply warm little olive oil over the affected location two times a day. This will eliminate harmful germs and eliminated angular cheilitis.

Most of the times, cracks caused by angular cheilitis can easily get deeper, begin to bleed as well as collect severe infection, making healing a difficult process. That is why this condition has to be treated as quickly as possible.

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