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This is not going to be a pleasant moment in your life. The constant stares that you had received from many people on the ugly repulsive looking sores at the corners of your mouth is not the attention that you are hoping for.


Aside from the ugly lesions sight on your mouth, this disorder also brings along excruciating pain and affects your day to day mouth activities such as conversation, consuming and even a simple smile.

This skin condition that you are going through is medically known as Angular Cheilitis, which is the outcome of fungal bacterial infection. The condition manifests as deep cracks or divides on the corners of your mouth. In extreme cases, the fractures might split when you open your mouth and trigger massive pain and blood loss. Shallow ulcers or crusts may likewise form.

There are indeed various approaches in dealing with your cracking mouth.

How to get rid of angular cheilitis fast?

Honey is an antimicrobial substance that you should use on your cracked corners of mouth. It does not have an unpleasant taste and in fact works extremely well in healing any skin inflammation. Simply apply a thin coating of pure honey to the affected locations of your mouth and leave it to dry for 15 minutes. After which, use some warm water to cleanse it off. Ensure that you keep the afflicted area dry after each treatment.

aloe vera

Aloe Vera is well known for its numerous medical uses, and will certainly aid in combating Angular Cheilitis. This natural plant can instantly relieve the discomfort caused by your cracking mouth. Thus, if you are seeking for swift pain relief, go for this natural remedy. Cut a piece of aloe vera leaf from the plant and gently rub the gel onto the afflicted location for about 2 minutes. After which, leave it to dry for another 15 minutes before cleaning it off.

Another natural remedy will be to make use of tea tree oil which possess natural antimicrobial features. Simply apply the oil on any cuts and swellings for rapid curing effect. Try it on your splits at the edge of the mouth to witness the amazing healing result. This oil prevents the germination of fungi and germs and eliminates your Angular Cheilitis.

Vitamins supplements, especially vitamin B12, can assist in combating the splits in your mouth and prevent any future reoccurrence. Because Angular Cheilitis will usually establish as an outcome of a weakened immune system, it is vital that you keep your body in tip top condition. Vitamins are absolutely essential for a strong, healthy body immune system.

When you have fractures on your mouth, any activities that involve your mouth is going to be a very agonizing thing to do. Fortunately you have a choice to end your suffering in just 24 hours right from HERE!

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