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Are you suffering from little razor cuts on your corners of your mouth and it comes along with reddish rash on the skin around the corners of your mouth. The cracking mouth certainly going to hurt the very moment you start opening them.

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This condition that you are going through is often identify as Angular cheilitis. It is a prevalent disorder whereby fungal or bacterial infection triggers staining, cracking, and other odd sores on the corners of your mouth. While the skin disorder is not life threatening, its prominent presence on your face can be a bothersome affliction.

What could possibly leads to your cracking mouth distress?

Numerous factors that hold responsible for angular cheilitis include deficiency of minerals such as iron, zinc and vitamin B12, poor immune system, advanced age as well as badly fitting dentures.

Angular cheilitis often likes to find their targets on folks suffering from diabetes, systemic disease such as ulcerative colitis and Crohn illness, atopic dermatitis or celiac disease. Use of prescription antibiotics or oral retinoid medications such as isotretinoin for acne and acitretin can likewise leads to angular cheilitis flare up.

How to get rid of cracked corners of mouth?

Are you wearing any dentures? Improper dentures may cause angular cheilitis to surface. Your mouth will not closed well and a number of folds will appear around the mouth. When these folds are fulled of sweat or saliva, it offers an ideal breeding environment for bacteria to grow and will make the skins around your corners mouth irritated and inflamed. If that is causing your split corners of mouth, it’s time to visit your dental professional to change your denture.


Honey makes angular cheilitis goes away. Well known for its antibacterial and antifungal capability, honey is found to be an effective home solution to heal cracking mouth. Apply a thin coating of pure honey to the afflicted area before sleep and gently cleanse it off with warm water the next morning.

Make your own lip balm by blending petroleum jelly with a little tea tree oil. This blend They are exceptional good for healing the painful cracks of angular cheilitis.

You see, the moistness present in your corners mouth acts as food for the bacteria to flourish, making the cure of angular cheilitis to be difficult. The natural remedies listed HERE will make the breeding place drier so that germs will not be able to live longer and ultimately dies out.

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