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If you have dry cracked mouth corners that don’t seem to heal, it not merely makes you feel aggravated BUT causing much embarrassment to you as well because the sores around your mouth wouldn’t look pleasing right?

We need to use our mouth nearly every moment, for communication, eating or even smiling. Thus, it will take much effort for the cracked mouth to get healed swiftly. For cracked mouth, particularly the cracked edge to heal, you need to have the triggering factors addressed


Cracked mouth is typically the outcome of a skin condition referred to as angular cheilitis. Bacterial or fungal will start to breed whenever there is a “right” condition typically wet and warm for them, particularly if you have small layers of skin around the mouth edge.

The moment fungal infection or germs gets a grip, it can be very hard to eliminate them. You will need to starve the bacteria and micro germs from air and wetness in order to eliminate them.

There are various remedies to have angular cheilitis treated. For me, NATURAL is the way to go for. Following are some prevalent natural remedies, which works well on my cracked mouth.

1. Ensure that your body gets adequate water daily. I do not really have a habit to take plain drinking water. Most of the time, I would have a cup of coffee in the morning followed by a glass of orange juices in afternoon. As my body did not get sufficient fluid, my lips and mouth start giving me problem – cracking :(. Now I carry with me a 2 liters water bottle to make certain that I consume adequate water.

2. Use of unflavored lip balm to your lips. I get to know this remedy from one of my colleague who also suffering from cracked mouth. Apply either olive or vitamin E oil to your cracked lips or edge of the mouth could render relief on the pain and also offer healing effect.

3. Vitamin B12 deficiency. Vitamin B12 plays a critical role in ensuring that your body immures system is in “tip top” working condition. Anything that deteriorates the immune resistance can make an individual susceptible to a plethora of infections including angular cheilitis. Foods that are rich in Vitamin B12 include liver, fish, soy products and cereals.

4. Use humidifier in your room. Humidifier will help to moisten indoor environments and keep your lips and skin moisturized. This offers an all-night treatment while you sleep.

Any cracks in corners of mouth will certainly bring much awkwardness to any folks as your appearance plays an important role in your daily activities. Fortunately, it is possible to have that ugly and painful angular cheilitis treated within just 48 hours using the natural remedies from HERE!

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