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If you are right now suffering from cracked corners of mouth, you are definitely not alone. This skin disorder, which is known as angular cheilitis, is pretty much prevalent among folks of all ages and gender, specifically during the winter season periods.


There are numerous saying on why cracked mouth can possibly take place. According to the research, angular cheilitis will occur whenever there is any fungal or bacteria infection.

Consistent saliva touching the skin outside the mouth creates a good breeding environment for bacteria and micro germs to flourish. When the bacteria start to take its ground, angular cheilitis will flare up.

Although this condition is not at all deadly, it can bring along much pain and discomfort to the victim, especially whenever the sufferers open their mouth. Angular cheilitis patients will have their edges of the mouth appear puffy and red. It is not uncommon for their lips to turn dry and chapped as well.

How cracked corners of mouth come about?

  1. Inadequate intake of water. Water is essential in moisturizing your skin and keep them from dried up and cracked.
  2. Unbalanced diet plan. Are you having the “right” meal daily?
  3. Lacks of vitamins and minerals. Do you know what are the vitamins needed for building your skin?
  4. Prolong exposure to extreme cold or heat.

Ways to heal cracked corners of mouth?

  1. Use of over the counter anti-fungal lotions or creams.
  2. Avoid dehydration. Make use that you drink at least 8 glasses of plain water daily
  3. Go for balanced and healthy diet. Your meal ought to include fresh fruit, leafy green vegetables, milk as well as eggs.
  4. Vitamins supplement. Vitamin A, zinc and vitamin B2 are especially important in protecting and repairing your delicate skin. You can consume these supplements to make up for any inadequate.

Above are some remedies that had been proven to address any mild angular cheilitis condition. In fact, it is POSSIBLE to have any cracked corners mouth treated within just 48 hours using all natural remedies right from HERE!

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