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Angular cheilitis which may be identified as as stomatitis or perleche, is a skin disorder caused by the development of fungal germs right in the corners of your mouth. This condition is often very agonizing and bring along unbearable pain whenever you try to open your mouth.

how long does angular cheilitis take to heal

Your cracking mouth will often begins to materialize itself through an aching at one or both corners of the mouth. When left untreated, it could further deteriorate to blood loss when you attempt to use your mouth.

What’s lead to the flare up of Angular cheilitis?

Nutritional deficiency has actually been proven to trigger cracking corners of mouth. Vitamin B12 and iron are essential by our body to improve our body’s immune system and maintain good skin conditions. You could go for multivitamins supplements to make up the inadequacy of these nutritional.

Poor dental fitting will lead to tissue swelling under dentures. When the dentures are not removed or cleaned regularly, yeast infections can happen. Bad fitting dentures can likewise pave the way for saliva to collect in the corners of the mouth, resulting in an infection that renders angular cheilitis. If you are wearing a denture, make sure that it fits well in your mouth and clean them everyday to avoid the breeding of micro germs that could lead to the grow of angular cheilitis.


How to heal cracked corners of your mouth?

The combination of honey and onion juice are often used as a home remedy to heal cracking mouth. Honey contains a lot of active ingredients that can eliminate any bacteria quickly. Apply the mixture on your split corners mouth and wash it off 15 minutes after the mixture had dried up on your inflamed corners of mouth.

Cocoa butter is a widely used skin moisturizer. It does not just prevent chapped lips but also assists in addressing angular cheilitis condition.Apply a small quantity of natural cocoa butter on the affected mouth. Leave it coated for at least an hour before cleaning it off. This helps to bring back the wetness to the fractures mouth corners and treat the swelling.


Cucumber had a natural healing effect on any inflamed skin and it can be easily found in most household. What you need to do is to slice a few pieces of cucumbers and gently rub it on your splits mouth. This will provide instant cooling effect and relief you from the discomfort brought by angular cheilitis. You may carry out this treatment as often as needed without worrying about any unwanted side effects.

You should not let the discomfort (which seems to “cut” your mouth whenever you have to use it for conversation, eating or even smiling) hinder your way of life. Start using the natural remedies listed HERE to end your suffering in just 24 hours.

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