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It is definitely not going to be a pleasant experience having to battle with cuts in corner of mouth. THAT uncomfortable, bothersome, and relentless cracks look a little like contaminated paper cuts and appearing in the corners of the mouth can cause great embarrassment as well, creating havoc in the victim’s social life.

cold weather

This skin disorder is often referred as angular cheilitis. It tends to occur more regularly in cold weather condition though some “unlikely” folks may have this aggravating condition all year around.

SAY GOODBYE to your cuts in corner of mouth

PERMANENT solution for cracks corner mouth
The ingredients that you needed to cure cracked corners mouth can be found in most households. If you do not have these ingredients, you just need to go to any nearby grocery shops and invest about $5 on it.

Fortunately, this is NOT an incurable condition. With the RIGHT remedies and approaches, you can easily have cracked mouth treated without visiting any doctors.

It’s been uncovered that fungal germs, the bacteria that trigger split corners of the mouth cannot live without wetness. Thus, get rid of the wetness and you will do away with the nasty, red, crusty cuts in the corners of the mouth.

Sounds easy and sure it does.

1. Opt for healthy food. Choose foods that are rich in minerals and vitamins,saladgreen and fresh. Healthy foods consist of fresh fruits, bright green veggies, whole grains and beans. Refrain from having processed or deep fried foods and those high in sugar content such cakes and desserts. Foods rich in monounsaturated fats, such as olive oil and avocados are good for maintaining and repairing healthy skin.

2. Keep the corners of mouth clean and dry. Avoid biting your nails, sucking on fingers, licking your lips or consuming oily foods. Any moisture, such as saliva, aggravates the cracked mouth and delay the recovery.

3. Have at least 8 glasses of fluids each day. Plain water will be the best choice or any drinks such as tea or fruit juice that contains no processed sugar. By keeping your body hydrated, you can be sure that it will assist in healing your cracked mouth.

4. Apply honey to the cracked mouth. Keep the mouth closed still for 30 seconds to have the honey coated on the inflamed skin. After which, dip a cotton swab in petroleum jelly and apply it on top of the honey. Leave the treatment on for another half hour. Use a warm cloth to clean the mouth after the treatment.

There you go, what you need is some effort and WAYS to have the cracked mouth treated. In fact, it is possible to have angular cheilitis eliminated just within 48 hours with the use of natural remedies right from HERE!

get rid of angular cheilitis overnight
There are various natural remedies that you can make use to eliminate your cracking mouth without any unwanted side effects in just few hours

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