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Any type of disorder that impacts the lips or corners of the mouth could induce great pain and in severe instances, bleeding might even occur. Think about the frequent use of your mouth on daily activities such as enjoying your meals and engage in casual conversation.


This condition is often known as angular cheilitis, and is one of the most awkward mouth disorders since it surfaces on the most sensitive edges of the mouth. Nevertheless, by using some proven natural remedies, consisting of natural yogurt, propolis, and also castor oil, you can easily obtain comfort from this agonizing skin condition.

Before we touch on the “cream” of this posting, that is the REMEDIES to deal with cracked mouth, let’s learn more about angular cheilitis.

How Angular Cheilitis Comes About?

Angular cheilitis is a rather prevalent skin problem that had been affecting most population regardless gender. This disorder is also called by a variety of names such as perleche, angular stomatitis, edge of mouth sores, and also split lip edges. The disorder comes about when the delicate edges of your mouth start to split and provides a good moist environment for the breeding of microorganisms.

How To Have Cracked Corners Mouth Treated?

Most angular cheilitis patients will adopt the following 3 approaches:
1. Not doing anything, hoping that it will go away by itself
2. Seek treatment from doctors
3. Manage the treatment by themselves through the use of some home remedies

While in most situation, angular cheilitis might get self-healed over the times but it will take at least a couple of weeks. Clinical therapy might work by providing temporary relief on the symptoms of the disorder but will not fix the underlying reason, which is why we recommend going for all natural remedies which works at addressing the root causes, recover equilibrium in the physical body and also to hydrate and repair the afflicted skin.

1. Natural yogurt

Natural yogurt consists of energetic microorganisms or probiotics. These natural yogurtmicrobes assist to bring back the organic equilibrium of germs in the physical body as well as to heal angular cheilitis. It also aids in hydrating the skin.

2. Honey Bee Propolis

The sticky resin ( bee propolis ) that honey bees accumulate from trees is full with essential nutrients. When applied to the edges of the mouth, it assists in battling the skin infection condition.

3. Castor Oil

Castor oil likewise also assists in dealing with mouth sores as it battles infection and swelling. It also aids in recovering the all-natural dampness of the skin.

If you ever had cracked mouth aching before, you would recognize just how essential it is to have them manage rapidly and in a right way. Do give the these NATURAL REMEDIES a try and I’m sure that you would find great healing effect that it offers on your angular cheilitis.

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