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Angular cheilitis is commonly called mouth corner fractures and like the name implies, it generally takes place at the corner of the mouth. It is one of the issues that happen in the mouth, which may be simple to recognize, such as chapped lips, cracked on the corner of the lips and mouth, or infected sores in the mouth.

how long does angular cheilitis take to heal

This condition is often accompanied by swelling, itching and rash. Because we need to use our mouth everyday, so it is essential to look after it in order to avoid the flare up of angular cheilitis disorder. Angular cheilitis is the name of that dry cracked skin at the corners of the mouth and lips and one of the initial sign of this disorder is chapped lips.

How To Stop Angular Cheilitis?

There are lots of things that you can start doing that will assist to heal your cracked mouth swiftly. Lip balms are a terrific way to assist heal chapped lips along with that scratchy skin around the mouth.

Generally, angular cheilitis is a fungal bacterial infection and if this disease is the cause of your broken corners of the mouth, then antifungal cream and lip balms will be a terrific way to assist healing that chapped lips along with that scratchy skin around the mouth.

1. Consume enough of water every day to avoid dry and chapped lips. Keep the body hydrated
by consuming at least 8 glasses of plain water daily to heal broken lips.

2. Supplement your intake of vitamin B. Not getting sufficient Vitamin B can also lag these small
cracks near the lips. You can go for vitamin B supplements that are readily available in all
health stores.

vitamin B

3. Another fast and low-cost treatment is by applying some petroleum jelly at the broken mouth
corners. This remedy provides instant pain relief.

4. Honey is likewise a sweet and natural angular cheilitis remedy that can be found useful and is
easily available in almost every home.

5. You also may rub a slice of lemon over the lips in order to treat the infection. Though this
natural remedy provides swift healing effect, you must be able to bear the initial “pain” when
the lemon comes in contact with your cracked skins.

Although it can be uncomfortable and awkward to deal with fractures on the sensitive skin in the corners of the mouth, there are WAYS listed HERE that you can deal with the disorder right from home.

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