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If you are suffering from cuts or sores in the edges or sides of the mouth, this is a sign of skin infection commonly known as angular cheilitis.

Angular cheilitis or better known as cracked corners of mouth is often an infection that shouldn’t be taken lightly as these sores could start its reddish swelling and spread out around the mouth. This make the cells of the mouth soft and tender, triggering hemorrhaging when the mouth is opened up.

cracked corners mouth

Fortunately, you can have this painful cracked mouth swiftly treated using natural remedies that can be easily adopted right from home.

How To Treat Angular Cheilitis At Home?

1. Make use of vitamin E oil. It assists in keeping the inflamed skin tissue dry up and eliminated the bacteria. Beside using oil, there are also various topical antifungals such as nystatin and clotrimazole that work well in addressing angular cheilitis condition.

2. Keep your mouth and lip moistened. Ensure that you consume adequate water daily. As a guideline, our body needs at least 8 glasses of plain water daily to keep our skin moisturised. If you are having cracked corner mouth, keep the sides of mouth dry after food or drinks.

3. Use of fresh cucumber. Cut thin slices of some fresh pieces of cucumber and scrub them gently on the lips as well as on thecucumber sides of the cracked mouth. The “coolness” of the cucumber will help in healing the inflammation as well as providing instant comfort. You could also make use of aloe vera or pure honey on the inflamed cracked mouth.

4. Apply olive oil to the lips. It will assist in keeping the cracked mouth hydrated and aid in the healing process. Massaging saltless butter is likewise an alternative healing approach.

5. Things to avoid. Licking the cracked corners mouth will certainly worsen the infection. So, if you are hoping for swift recovery, avoid doing this action. (Our saliva are full of bacteria and will offer a best environment for bacteria to breed). Avoid utilizing cosmetics, lipstick as well as flavorful tooth paste, at the very least till the disorder heals. Keep an unflavored lip balm or lip gloss with you. Whenever you really feel that your lips are chapped, you could keep them hydrated using the lip balm.

You need not be a medical expert to have your painful, agonizing angular cheilitis cured. Using the above remedies, your cracked corners of mouth should get healed gradually. But if you wishes to have that disorder eliminated within 12 hours, pay a visit HERE!

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