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Inflammation with cracking, swelling and pain at the corners of the mouth is certainly a symptom of the flare up of angular cheilitis. The red lesions that appears on the corner of your mouth makes any mouth activities a nightmare as it is painful to open your mouth.


Usually this condition begins with a little pain and slowly turns to excessive uncomfortable red sores with blood loss if left untreated. There are numerous factors that could lead to your cracking mouth, such as excessive wetness in the corners or your mouths, either from frequent licking, or occasionally from ill-fitting dentures. Other factors included deficiency of vitamin riboflavin as well as unhealthy diet regime.

Sometimes, dryness on your corner mouth as a result of a change in the weather conditions might cause your mouth to crack. If you are regularly vulnerable to angular cheilitis condition, especially on the mouth edges, it is likely to be caused by an overgrowth of a fungal organism which lives on our lips.

How to treat cracks in the corners of your mouth?

Excess moisture forming at the corners of the mouth which in turn, supplies a perfect breeding place for germs and fungus need to be addressed in you hope to be free from angular cheilitis nightmare.

Are you aware that what you eat for your routine meal is going to affect your lips? Spicy foods might set off the cracks in the corners of your mouth in addition to specific dairy products. A vitamin and mineral supplement may likewise be useful if your angular cheilitis condition is due to an absence of essential minerals (especially vitamin B complex and iron) needed by your body to repair cracked skins.


Be sure to remain hydrated with plenty of water. If your body gets dehydrated, your skins will start to dry up and gets cracked. This is especially so for your mouth which need to remain moisture at all time. Go for plain drinking water is possible as that will provide the optimum result. Avoid any sugary or alcoholic beverages as they will make your body dehydrated.

Do you have a terribly fitting dentures which can cause your mouth not to close properly, leading to small loose pockets of skin forming at the corners of the mouth. These corners offer a best wet, warm environment for the development of germs.

Routine habit such as pen biting as well as thumb sucking will certainly keep the edges of your mouth moist with saliva. Saliva offers a best breeding environment for bacteria that could lead to the flare up of angular cheilitis. These are the habits that you need to steer away from if you are hoping to recover from this disorder.

If you are currently struggling with this condition, you will certainly hope to have it eliminated as soon as possible as any mouth movement brings along much discomfort. So visit HERE right now to have your cracked mouth healed in just 24 hours.

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