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Unpleasant experience arises from cracked edges of mouth whenever you need to use or open you mouth for conversation or meals. Most of the time, angular cheilitis patients will suffer in silence hoping that the painful sensation will self heal. Sad to say, it will take months for this miracle to happen.


Beside the much discomfort that caused by cracked corners of mouth, the awful ugly sight of the sores that appears on both sides of your corners mouth often makes the sufferers trying their best to conceal their facial with a headscarf. Fortunately there are things that you can do to end this humiliation

Natural CURES For Angular Cheilitis

1. Use of natural plant Aloe Vera and Vitamin E Oil to recover broken aloe veraedges of mouth normally. Apply aloe vera gel gently on the inflamed cracked mouth to get instant painful relief and aid in the healing progress. Uses it along with pure vitamin E oil will further improve the remedial development. Vitamin E oil serves as an excellent cream in moistening any dry skin connected with lips.

2. Things to avoid. Hot and acidic drinks will further worsen the existing angular cheilitis condition and deter any healing progress. Avoid any hot fluids to have contact with the cracked mouth. That is to say, if you have the habit of having hot coffee or tea daily, you will have to change that if you hope to have a fast recuperates for your cracked corners mouth.

3. Poor nutrition, specifically the lack of iron and zinc can lead to angular cheilitis flare up. This can be easily addressed by either ensuring that you had a well balanced diet plan and to make up the insufficient through supplements. These vitamins will help to strengthen your body immune system to fight against any skin inflammation condition.

4. Keep your body hydrated. It is found that those who don’t consume wateradequate fluid daily tend to be a prospective target of angular cheilitis. When your physical body dried out, the skin will start to crack. As we need to use our mouth frequently for most activities (eg. conversation, smiling, having meals etc), this makes it highly susceptible to cracking conditions. Cold or hot weather conditions could inflict these undesirable cracking at the edges of the mouth too.

Angular cheilitis is certainly a condition that should not take too lightly. In some extreme instances, hemorrhaging could possibly take place when opening of cracked mouth. Fortunately, there many means that you could use to have that agonizing cracked mouth recovered within just 24 hours right from HERE!

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