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What should you DO about it? Having that painful and ugly reddish-cracked corners of mouth appearing in your face is going to affect your social life and bring you much discomfort when you start opening your mouth.mouth

This skin condition is prevalent known as angular cheilitis and usually triggered by factors such as nutritional insufficiencies in iron or vitamin B12, or fungal infection due to improper fix of dentures.

Fortunately you CAN have cracked corners mouth naturally using the following WAYS:

1. Nature honey. Pure honey works well in fighting against any infection-causing microbes. Simply make use of some honey that is easily available from your kitchen by applying a thin layer of it on your sore mouth. Leave it coated on the inflamed skin for 15 minutes before washing it off. For swifter effect, use it together with cucumber

2. Vitamin deficiency. Inadequate vitamin, especially B12, is known to trigger cracks in the corners of the mouth. Make up this insufficiency through supplement or diet. Foods rich in B12 includes green leafy veggies, milk and egg products.

3. Use of castor oil. If your cracked mouth is giving you endless discomfort castor oiland all remedies that you had tried aren’t giving you the intended relief, then you MUST certainly try this natural remedy – castor oil with petroleum jelly. The treatment process is easily to follow. Apply thin layer of castor oil to the chapped, inflamed cracked mouth and cover it with petroleum jelly. Do this 3 times daily and your angular cheilitis should heal within a week.

4. Use of mustard oil. This is an ancient remedy that had always been in used to heal any inflamed skin disorder in India. You just need to gently massage your sores mouth with few drops of mustard oil. This will help to make your mouth soft and smooth, healing any inflamed tissue around the mouth. The best time to apply this treatment will be right after bath or before bedtime.

With the painful sores on both sides of your corners mouth, it is excruciating even to smile, laugh or start a short conversation. Fortunately now you can use the above TIPS to have your angular cheilitis treated. In fact, it is possible to have any cracked corners mouth treated within just 24 hours right from HERE!

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