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If you find yourself having that little reddish cracks at the edges of your mouth (resemble paper cuts), then it is likely that you are having angular cheilitis. This skin disorder is common known as cracked corners mouth and the painful and ugly sight of that cuts usually becomes inflamed at the edges and could shed blood in severe cases.

Your cracked mouth can possibly come and go away from time to time, bringing you endless pain and embarrassment. How are you going to attend any social events when that ugly reddish sore appears just right in the visible area of your face?


Having said that, you could adopt some WAYS to have the painful angular cheilitis treated swiftly and prevents it from “coming” back to you.

Bacteria typically prosper in damp and warm conditions. The edges of your mouth, especially if there are small folds of skin, can be the best breeding environment for them. So to have your cracked corner mouth treated, you will need to look into THIS.

Natural ways to cure angular cheilitis

1. Practice the “right” dental hygiene and make it part of your habit. This is needed to prevent sores in the mouth. To attain that, it is very important to brush and floss your teeth after food. This will avoid the breeding of any fungal or bacterial infections in the mouth.

2. Are you using any dentures or braces. If you are using dentures or having braces, it is vital to make sure that they fit nicely and do not “cut” into the mouth. Make a point to clean your dentures daily to avoid the collection of any microbes on your dentures. Soak them over night in a 1:10 solution of denture cleansing solution.

3. Use of petroleum jelly. This is a affordable and yet effective natural remedy. Just apply a thin layer of the jelly on the split mouth corner and you could get the pain relief instantly.

4. Vitamins and mineral insufficiencies. To make up any vitamin and iron Vitaminsshortage, you could go for some natural vitamin supplements that are easily available from the market. Alternative, change your diet plans to fill up the insufficiencies. Lots of people develop sores in the mouth due to vitamins and mineral insufficiencies.

5. Cold season coming? Start using protective lip balms well ahead of time. Keeping your mouth soft and moisture is the very best means to avoid cracks, tearing and bleeding of the mouth.

If you have already developed the cracked mouth corners, it will be really discouraging to see that the condition doesn’t seem to improve. Any skin condition that impacts the mouth can be pretty difficult to recover, as we need to use our mouth daily. Fortunately, angular cheilitis can be eliminated for GOOD using the natural remedies right from HERE and it offers instant pain relief as well.

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