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When you start feeling pain and red inflammation appears on one or both sides of your corner mouth, it is a sign of angular cheilitis flare up. Angular cheilitis usually begin with little sores and gradually turns into chapping red swollen cracks.


Fortunately, angular cheilitis only stays with the location of inflammation and do not spread out. But having that ugly red sore around your mouth is definitely not going to be pleasant experience, especially if you have lots of social events.

Can red cracked skin at corners of mouth be treated?

In fact, cracked corners of mouth can be easily treated if you adopt the following natural remedies.

1. Pure natural honey. Honey had an amazing effect in combating with any infection-causing microorganisms. Apply a thin layer of honey on the angular cheilitis and let it rest for 10 minutes. Carry out this treatment 3 times daily and your cracked mouth will be healed within a week.

2. Natural cocoa butter. Cocoa butter is a pale-yellow, edible veggie fat cocoa butterextracted from the cocoa bean. It is simple to put into use and is rather cheap; you can get little solid cocoa butter sticks for around two dollars. Apply bit of cocoa butter on your inflamed cracked mouth 2 times daily (morning and night). Cocoa butter is rich in anti-oxidants (fight against free radicals) and is an excellent moisturizer.

3. Water. Our body needs sufficient water to keep the skin “hydrated”. Just like plant need water to grow; we ought to have at least 8 glasses of water (plain drinking water will be the best) to help our body de-toxic and keeps our skin moisturize. Prevent your skin from dry up will be the best way to avoid angular cheilitis.

4. Natural aloe vera plant. This plant works well in providing instant comfort on the pain caused by the cracked mouth and is easily available in most grocery stores. Keep the aloe vera leaf in fridge and defrost them only when treatment is required. Delicately rub the fresh of aloe vera on the angular cheilitis for a couple of minutes and let it dry up before cleaning it off.

The sores that appear on your corner mouth could last for weeks if it is left unattended. In some severe case, bleeding could even appear when you start opening your mouth. Just suffer in silence when you can have cracked mouth easily treated within 24 hours using the home remedies from HERE!

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