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Anything that weakens the immune resistance can make you susceptible to a multitude of infections, including angular cheilitis. Though there’s no accurate study linking vitamin B12 inadequacy to angular cheilitis, it has actually been determined by several researchers that a lack of Vitamin B12 can make your body much more prone to various kinds of infections.

What causes cracks on the side of the mouth

In addition, the level of nutrients and vitamins present in older and younger folks are usually much lower as compared to adult. Thus, these group of folks tend to suffer from cracked corners of mouth more frequently and the healing takes much longer than norm.

Ecological conditions, such as wind, dry air and excessive sun exposure, can bring about chapped lips, which leave inflammation in the corners of your mouth. Licking your lips can likewise intensify the already inflamed skin and trigger angular cheilitis.

A deficiency in iron or riboflavin can likewise make your lips to chap and the edges of your mouth to redden. Soreness around the mouth edges might also be a side effect of some oral retinoid medication that you might be taking for acne or another skin condition.


The reason for angular cheilitis flare up can be any condition that cause your saliva to built up in the sides of the mouth. One such condition is the use of improper fix of dentures. Another condition include the drooling during sleep and consistent licking of the lips. Allergies to some lipsticks or toothpastes can likewise be another source of cause for split corners of mouth.

Olive Oil has actually been used for many years in dealing with a variety of skin disorders. It functions as a moisturizer to combat angular cheilitis. Apply a small amount of warm olive oil over the affected area twice a day. Due to its antibacterial properties, it can assist eliminate those harmful microbes. You can also include a few drops of lemon juice to olive oil to improve the effectiveness of this natural solution.

Mix one tablespoon of vitamin E oil with two tablespoons of tea tree oil. Use it on your cracked corners of mouth 3 times daily. It can aid to cure that agonizing slits at the corner of the mouth which is often the symptoms of angular cheilitis.


Honey is also frequently used as a form of moisturizers to avoid lips from losing moisture and drying up. Apply a thin coat of pure natural honey on your lips throughout the day as well as before going to sleep. This will avoid your lips from cracking. Prevention is one of the best remedy against angular cheilitis. As an alternative to honey, Cocoa butter is also an exceptional good moisturizer and can avoid your mouth from cracking.

Now you had learned how angular cheilitis comes about, it is time to uncover what you can do to make your split corners of mouth goes away in just 24 hours right from HERE!

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