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If you are suffering from angular cheilitis right now, you will certainly be able to feel the excruciating pain that it brings along and the awkwardness that it caused on your social life. This is an disorder that will not self-healed within a couple of days and needs some help.

cracked corners of mouth

What Causes Recurring Angular Cheilitis?

Angular cheilitis is a fungus or microbial infection on the sides of the mouth. Due to the location of the infection, this condition is also known as cracked corners mouth. The germs or fungi flourishes when there is a spit in the nooks of the mouth that provides good breeding environment for the growth of micro germs. This induces irritation, splits and also ulcers to the inflamed skins which results in cracked mouth.

The initial causes of angular cheilitis can be due to the deep folds in the mouth which develop into a breeding place for the germs as a result of inappropriate dentures. When the dentures do not fit correctly, the mouth will not close tightly, leading to spit from the mouth.

Fortunately, there are various remedies that are freely available to have your cracked corners mouth treated. In this blog, we will check out a few of the remedies for angular cheilitis. Avoidance is much better than remedy.

1. Avoid licking your cracked mouth. Fungus or germs needs moisture to flourish and grow. When you start licking your cornerlicking mouthmouth, in the hope to provide moisture to the dry skin, the saliva will provide a good breeding environment for micro germs to grow. Use only anti-bacterial tea tree oil on your dry corner mouth to avoid angular cheilitis.

2. Vitamin B insufficiency. It is rather usual for the angular cheilitis to be triggered by vitamin B insufficiency. If this is causing your cracked mouth, increase your intake of vitamin B supplement and multivitamins will certainly heal the infection.

3. Use of anĀ anti fungalĀ gel. There are lots of angular cheilitis lotion that are available as over the counter medications which work well in healing cracked mouth. Apply the gel on your infected mouth 2 times daily for a week. This should gradually heal your condition.

4. Pure natural honey. Honey works well in your beverages and also had an amazing effect in addressing any inflammation disorder. Apply thin layer of honey over your cracked corners mouth during the night to provide pain relief and healing effect.

Angular cheilitis can be eliminated and avoid with the use of suitable measures. In fact, this condition can be swiftly addressed within just 24 hours using the natural remedies right from HERE!

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