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If you experience regular splits at the edge of your mouth or lips which usually appears like paper cuts or rash-like soreness, and these cracks do not appear to recover, you’re most likely struggling with Angular Cheilitis.

split mouth

Getting cracked corners mouth addressed could be much harder as what you hope it will be, as we are using our mouth persistently at all times (for conversation, foods and even a simple smile). Having said that, it is not at all impossible to heal Angular Cheilitis. What you need is the RIGHT REMEDIES.

First of all, you will need to be aware of what’ s causing your cracked mouth to have it effectively removed.

Factors that might be inducing the splits at the edge of your mouth includes:

1. Iron shortage
2, B12 vitamin insufficiency
3. Improper fix of dentures. They could end up being a hotbed for germs which might trigger infection and also sores
4. Dehydration

If you are lucky, at some point, your cracked corners of mouth might get self healed after “staying” with you for a couple of months. However, there is a high possibility that the Angular Cheilitis will return and stay even longer.

So it is important to uncover your trigger factors and works toward it.

1. Avoid licking any split edges of mouth. You might have the urge to lick your cracked corners mouth to get instant relief frommouth the pain caused by the dry and chapped skin. But by doing so, you are actually inducing micrograms to the inflamed skin cells, exuberating the angular cheilitis condition.

2. What out for any hot or acidic beverages. Very hot fluids touching the inflamed skin at the edge of your mouth could likewise hinder the healing progress of your cracked mouth. If you are used to have a cup of hot coffee or tea in the morning, try to go for alternate refreshment such as milk or fresh non acidic juices till your Angular Cheilitis healed. Likewise, avoid acidic drinks such as orange, grapefruit and also tomato juices. If you need to indulge, consume them with a straw. This will avoid aggravating the tender skin at the edge of your mouth.

3. Stay hydrated. It is important to keep your skin moisturized by having adequate fluid daily. You should take in at least 8 glasses of plain water each day. This will ensure that your body stays hydrated and avoid any cracks in the edge of your mouth.

4. Improper fix of braces or dentures. If you are putting on braces or dentures, it should fix nicely on your mouth. Too much salivating as a result of improper fix of braces or dentures could bring about broken edges of mouth. If this goes unattended, your Angular Cheilitis will certainly never go away.

Although it could be excruciating as well as unpleasant to deal with splits in edge of mouth, there are ways that you could adopt to heal Angular Cheilitis right in your home. Pay a visit to this site right from HERE to learn how you can end your suffering in just 24 hours.

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