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I’m sure almost everyone, including you and me, has actually experienced angular cheilitis which also known as angular stomatitis, perleche or cheilosis at some point in life. Thus, you are not alone in this battle and there are numerous other sufferers that are being challenged by this very grudging condition.


If you are able to comprehend just how cracked corners of mouth comes about, it would certainly aid you to find the right effective angular cheilitis natural treatment that can release you from the massive discomfort that it causes.

What is causing my angular cheilitis?

The first reason why it’s difficult for your body to recover itself from angular cheilitis is due to the fact that the corners of your mouth are regularly moving.(You need to use your mouth ever since you are awake from sleep, right?) This makes it hard for your skin cells to heal the injury, as all it takes is for you to open your mouth too broad (whether eating, chuckling, yawning, and so on) and the semi-healed wounds will certainly re-open and become exposed. Each time this occurs, more of your saliva enters your injuries which re-introduces more of the bacteria and fungus which causes angular cheilitis to be reproduced.

green veg

Are you picky about foods? Having a balanced diet plays a vital role in protecting and healing your cracked mouth. People who have certain nutrient deficiencies such as iron, zinc, folate, and vitamin B12 end up being extremely prone to angular cheilitis. These nutrients are necessary in keeping the immune system strong and allow the body to fend off disease-causing microorganisms. Get supplements of those to make up the inadequate nutrients and go for foods such as green leafy veggies and dairy items for a fantastic source of vitamin B.

As the afflicted area stays dry, you might get lured to wet the corners of the mouth with saliva. But, never ever do that. It will certainly slow the recovery process as the saliva makes the skin more inflamed and agonizing. The moist medium likewise promotes the bacterial development that worsen the condition further more. Avoid having citrus foods such as oranges and lemons as they are rich in acid content which aggravates the skin. Apply petroleum gels if you find that your cracked corners mouth gets too dry.

Another aspect that is to be cared for to prevent angular cheilitis is to upkeep your mouth hygiene. You need to brush your teeth daily. Carelessness of oral health promotes the bacterial development that aggravates the issues of angular cheilitis. If you use dentures, then it is essential that you clean them routinely and use appropriate fitting dentures.

aloe vera

Use of aloe vera gel. This is among one of the preferred treatment approaches for skin conditions, including angular cheilitis. It’s antibacterial and antifungal features can easily minimize the amount of bacteria developing in the infected location. Utilizing aloe vera gel into the corners of your mouth could also help to ease off the discomfort. After you have applied the aloe vera, leave it for around 15 minutes, and then rinse out.

It’s a fact that 95 % of the people who use standard Angular Cheilitis treatments are able to address their Angular Cheilitis temporarily. But the disorder usually resurface after few months and tends to get worse than before. Now you can learn ways to be in the successful 5 % group that keeps it off permanently using the natural approaches listed HERE!

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